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God's Good World (Genesis 1:1-13; Colossians 1:15-20)

Begin with a prayer asking God to help you understand His word and apply to your life. Catch up or review the sermon from last week.

God created everything out of nothing by the Son, through the Son, and for the Son.


  1. How should knowing God as Creator impact how we understand who He is, who we are, and why we should obey Him?

  2. God created the universe, including people, for a purpose. Why is this important for us to know and remember?

  3. How should the goodness of God’s creation impact how we live in it?

  4. What are some parts of creation that make you marvel? What do they tell you about God?

  5. How have you seen sin (centering on anything other than Jesus) DE-create and destroy?

Listen: Read who God says He is and what He says He is like.

Genesis 1:1-25; Psalm 19:1-6; Colossians 1:15-20; John 1:1-4


  • for moments you love the created more than your Creator.

  • for ways God’s creation makes you marvel at his goodness.

  • for opportunities to show and tell about our good God and the good news of His Son, Jesus Christ – Creator, Sustainer & Savior.

Praise Jesus for specific ways His creation reflects his goodness.

Repent the moments you value the created above your Creator.

Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal when you struggle to place Jesus first.

Yield your thoughts to God’s

Serve: What can you do this week to steward God’s creation well for His glory and the good of others?

Sing: check out this playlist Sing: In the Beginning

Additional resources about Genesis

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