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A Pure Heart (Psalm 51:7-10)

Join the Discussion on Zoom Sundays at 9:30 am

Begin with a prayer asking God for help in understanding and applying His Word to your life. Then read the passage from Psalm 51:7-10.

Investigate & Apply

  • It’s not just that David knows he is guilty; it’s also that David feels dirty (v 7). Why do you think so many Christians struggle with guilt over sins that God has forgiven? What’s the remedy for getting over that guilt?

  • David’s desire in verse 8 is to be able to return to worshiping and serving God. Do you think it’s possible to worship God why we remain unrepentant over our sins? Why or why not?

  • Why do you think our first inclination is to hide from God when are sins are laid bare before us (v 9)?

  • David asked God to create a pure in him (v 10). What is the significance of the word “create” and how does this relate to the Gospel message of Jesus Christ?

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