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5. Sin & God's Authority

God is not some distant deity who, like a spectator in the sky, watches things unfold below. Instead, He is very much involved in His creation, most notably in the incarnation of Jesus.

The following resources are designed to complement the Sunday Sermon on Genesis 11.

Video: "Our Identity In Christ: Who Do You Think You Are?" a sermon by Dr. Walter Strickland

Article: "The Tower of Babel" from Answers in Genesis

Article: "The Power of the Open Gate" a conversation between Nancy Demoth Wolgemuth & Mary Kassian

Article: "What the Tower of Babel Can Tell Us About Our Desire for True Gospel Witness" by Peter Hong via Christianity Today

Handout: "Session 5 - Family Connection" - use these thoughts and questions to start a spiritual discussion with your family

Video: from "Tips for Kids - The Tower of Babel" - how to explain the flood from The Gospel Project


Tuesday, October 6th

Teen Girl Bible Study: 7-9:30 pm

Meet up with other girls in middle and high school to hang out, study Genesis, and discuss together.

This week: God's Grace & the Spiral of Sin (Genesis 6-11)

Wednesday, October 7th

Adult Bible Study: 7-9:30 pm

Meet up with other adults on Wed night to do life together and study the Bible.

Week 5: Abraham and the Nations (11:27–16:16). Check it out online or grab a book when you come.

*Free childcare is available!

Sunday, October 11th

Discussion Group: 9:30 am

Meet Sunday morning for coffee and a guided discussion through the prior week's Scripture passage.

Click here to catch up on the sermon and review the upcoming questions.

Sunday, October 11th

Children's Church: 9:30 am

Meet Sunday morning in the back Sunday School Room.

Click here to access GCC kids resources & videos.

Nursery for children under 4 years old is also available during this hour.

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